The tasks of the project management Department

Planning Section

  • Develop integrated plan to deal with the submitted project, whether physically or chronologically through timetables, follow up the work, send reports and studies.
  • Manage Meetings and define the strategies of the submitted project.


Studies Section

  • providing technical and engineering advice for all the formations and entities entrusted in the project ,depending on the study and analysis of the project.
  • prepare Feasibility and technical study.
  • Study approved plans and BOQ.
  • Study the Contractors’ offers.


Technical Audit section

  • Assurance the Validate of the documents provided by the Contractors.
  • Audit and review all the schemes and plans of the project.
  • Audit and review the work- system of the project.


Self-Development section

  • Plans for developing the working system in the office.
  • using innovative and creative systems to do business faster and more accurate.
  • Study applicant engineers’ resumes and give comprehensive recommendations on them.